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System-Specific Repair Technologies

Each gasket, no matter how small, plays a critical role. The superior engineering in Fel-Pro® gaskets assures 100% sealing across all vehicle systems.


Cooling System

Fel-Pro gaskets have the right engineering to seal pesky leakers:

  • Water outlet gaskets
  • Thermostat gaskets
  • Water pump gaskets

  • EPDM & Nitrile – Excellent all-around performance
  • HNBR – Offers enhanced coolant and chemical resistance
  • Silicone – For increased temperature resistance
  • FKM – For optimum chemical and temperature resistance


Fel-Pro has the best designs and materials for all applications:

  • A/T pan gaskets
  • Transaxle gaskets
  • Differential cover gaskets
  • Rear axle flange gaskets

  • Blue Stripe® paper (high-quality; conformable; faster and easier than RTV, but just as reliable)
  • Fel-CoPrene® synthetic rubber (tough, non-porous, conformable, oil-resistant, won’t wick)
  • Thin, embossed steel
  • Printoseal® sealing beads (for added sealing assurance)

Fuel System

Fel-Pro seals keep fuel mixture, mileage and driveability where they should be:

  • Carburetor mounting gaskets
  • Air cleaner gaskets
  • Throttle body (TBI) gaskets
  • Fuel injector O-rings

Fuel System gaskets are an important asset to proper engine function. Their failure can lead to an improper fuel mixture, poor fuel mileage, and driveability problems including stalling, hesitation, rough idle, and emission control malfunctions. In today’s vehicles with closed-loop engine management systems, a leaky fuel system gasket can trigger MIL (Malfunction Indicator Light) illumination.


Exhaust System

Fel-Pro gaskets keep exhaust gases under wraps:

  • EGR gaskets
  • Exhaust flange bolt & spring kits
  • Exhaust pipe gaskets

While an exhaust system leak doesn’t involve fluids, it can cause excessive noise or allow exhaust gases to enter the vehicle. To deal with this annoying and potentially hazardous situation, Fel-Pro offers a full line of exhaust leak repair products.

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