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Fel-Pro® Drivetrain Gaskets

What is a Drivetrain Gasket?

Drivetrain gaskets – including automatic transmission pan gaskets, differential cover gaskets and rear axle flange gaskets – are a vital part of a vehicle’s sealing system. These important gaskets keep fluids where they belong – lubricating drivetrain internal parts. Leaks from drivetrain gaskets may lead to premature wear and possibly more expensive repairs.

Fel-Pro Drivetrain Gaskets

In most cases, drivetrain gaskets are replaced when the fluids in the drivetrain or parts are being changed. When you need replacement gaskets, Fel-Pro drivetrain gaskets are the right choice. Fel-Pro drivetrain gaskets are designed for the imperfect sealing surfaces found in the repair environment. Fel-Pro gaskets are engineered, tested and manufactured to deliver a reliable seal.


Automatic Transmission Pan Gaskets

Fel-Pro automatic transmission pan gaskets are manufactured using multiple application-specific technologies and are designed to match the vehicles requirements. One of Fel-Pro’s leading technologies is a premium synthetic rubber that is tough, durable, oil resistant, and highly conformable. These types of automatic transmission gaskets are made with a steel carrier with molded rubber which help resist crushing and extruding. This is important because many transmission oil pans have dimpled or deformed flanges. In addition, Fel-Pro has incorporated an installation aid to help speed installation and provide a more effective seal.

Fel-Pro automatic transmission pan gaskets use the exclusive Hole-Lock® design. The bolt holes in the gasket are made just slightly smaller than the bolts themselves to hold the gasket and bolts in place as the pan is installed onto the vehicle. This feature also eliminates the need to use contact adhesive or RTV on the pan gasket which could contaminate the fluids and damage the transmission if it gets inside the casing.


Differential Cover Gaskets

Fel-Pro offers a complete line of differential cover gaskets that are application-specific designed to match your vehicles requirements. They are the ideal replacement for gaskets that are leaking or are being replaced due to changing the fluids, performing necessary repairs and for applications previously sealed with RTV sealant. Fel-Pro differential cover gaskets technologies include steel carrier with molded rubber, proprietary Blue Stripe® rubber-fiber material, and may be enhanced with Printoseal® sealing beads if the application requires added sealing assurance.


Rear Axle Flange Gaskets

A full range of rear axle flange gaskets are available from Fel-Pro. These gaskets are used between the axle flange and the brake backing plate or differential housing to keep fluid in and contaminants out. These gaskets should be replaced whenever the axles or backing plates are removed for service. Fel-Pro rear axle flange gaskets are made of either proprietary rubber-fiber material or thin embossed steel.


Learn more about Fel-Pro quality gaskets that are specifically designed for the repair environment, find your car part, or find where to buy your auto part today.

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