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Valve Cover Gaskets

Fel-Pro PermaDryPlus®


Key Innovations
1: Rigid carrier resists high heat and vacuum.
2: Silicone rubber sealing beads compensate for surface irregularities.

Additional Features
3: Built-in torque limiters prevent over-tightening and gasket splitting.
4: Locating tabs assure proper alignment.
5: Bolt Hole Locks® hold gasket and bolts in place to speed installation.


Fel-Pro® PermaDryPlus® valve cover gaskets offer premium leak-sealing technologies for applications where traditional replacement gaskets have been known to fail. They are the best gaskets available.

Fel-Pro® PermaDryPlus® valve cover gaskets are engineered to stand up to high heat and high vacuum and last far longer than conventional cork-rubber valve cover gaskets.

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