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Performance & Marine Sealing Technologies

Performance Sealing Technologies

You’ll find Fel-Pro® Performance gaskets keeping engines sealed in the world’s most punishing race environments, from professional stock car racing to drag racing to off-road. Fel-Pro Performance sealing technologies include:


Fel-Pro Performance MLS with LaserWeld™ Head Gaskets

  • Durable full-hard stainless steel layers for strength
  • LaserWeld stopper layer combats head lift
  • Advanced polymer coating withstands scrubbing

Fel-Pro Performance Composite Head Gaskets

  • Stainless steel combustion armor
  • Wire ring combustion seal
  • Solid steel core

Fel-Pro Performance Intake Manifold Gasket Sets

  • Available for the widest array of OE and aftermarket cylinder head and port configurations
  • Available in thickness ranging from .030" to .120"

Fel-Pro Performance Exhaust Manifold Gasket Sets

  • High-density fiber facing material
  • Perforated steel core
  • Seals slightly warped surfaces

Fel-Pro Molded Silicone Rubber Valve Cover Gasket Sets

  • Rigid carrier simplifies installation
  • Multiple sealing beads eliminate leak paths
  • Built-in compression limiters prevent overtightening

Fel-Pro Cork-Lam® Valve Cover Gaskets

  • Metal core has cork-rubber bonded to both sides
  • Extra thick
  • Exceptionally good torque retention

Fel-Pro Molded Silicone Rubber Oil Pan Gasket Sets

  • One-piece design simplifies installation
  • Rigid carrier ensures dependable sealing
  • Built-in compression limiters prevent overtightening

Fel-Pro R.A.C.E. Sets

  • Remainder to Assemble Complete Engine
  • Combine with oil pan gasket sets to provide every gasket needed for complete lower engine service

Marine Sealing Technologies

Fel-Pro® is the undisputed leader in marine gaskets. From stainless steel construction and premium molded-rubber valve cover and oil pan gaskets, to problem-solving and easy-to-install designs, Fel-Pro provides dedicated marine engine sealing technology with gaskets.


Fel-Pro Marine PermaTorque® Head Gaskets

  • Stainless steel construction throughout
  • Anti-friction coating (plus Printoseal® if required)
  • Rubber/fiber facing material

Fel-Pro Marine Valve Cover Gasket Sets

Available in a full range of designs and technologies

  • Molded silicone rubber
  • Rubber-coated fiber
  • Fel-CoPrene®
  • Blue Stripe® cork rubber

Fel-Pro Marine Intake Manifold Gasket Sets

  • Fits a wide variety of OE and aftermarket cylinder head and port configurations
  • Resists coolant, gasoline, alcohol and oil
  • Printoseal® sealing beads provide extra sealing strength around ports

Fel-Pro Marine Oil Pan Gasket Sets

Available in a full range of designs and technologies

  • Rigid core molded silicone rubber
  • Rubber-coated fiber
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