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Have you ever needed to track down a gasket late at night, or wanted to quickly double-check what you found on a message board? Needed to know if a vehicle uses torque-to-yield head bolts, and if so, the torquing sequence and specifications? Wanted to see what is included in a gasket set before purchasing? Wanted to see a complete list of gaskets available for your vehicle? Whether you are an engine builder or enthusiast, you can find all of the right parts at any time, day or night, via the Federal-Mogul Motorparts convenient electronic parts catalog. Here, users can look up and store multiple part numbers for the same vehicle or project without re-entering search criteria. The catalog’s comprehensive interchange and numerical lookup tools help users identify the correct part even when they don’t have complete application information. In addition to detailed part specifications, the catalog offers thousands of product images and illustrations – each with zoom capability – as well as interactive calculators for determining capacities and dimensions, engine displacement, horsepower, torque and compression ratio.

Application lookup:
Product application can be looked up on in three ways:

  1. Year, make and model
  2. VIN number lookup
  3. License plate lookup (useful for shops and technicians)

Any of the three methods will bring up a complete listing of components for each application. Once you select the vehicle, you can further select the product category, sub category, brand, engine and more to drill down to the exact products you’re looking for. From there, you can choose to view each part number’s information page, where you’ll find a description, specifications, and applications each product fits. Alternately, if you have a part number and just need specifications, enter the part number in the search box at the top left corner, and you can go directly to that product’s details page.

Technical Info:

The Technical Info tab includes digital catalogs, specialized calculators and specification lookups for torque specs and sequences. Cylinder head torque specifications are critical, since improper torquing could cause an otherwise perfect repair to go wrong. That’s why we provide a comprehensive lookup for cylinder head torque specs.


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