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Fel-Pro® Offers Alternative to RTV for Oil Pan Repairs

Inside the Problem

On some vehicles, there are parts like the oil pan that come from the factory sealed with RTV rather than a gasket. When it’s time to perform a repair, it can be time consuming and problematic to remove the old RTV and replace it with new RTV. To solve this problem, the engineers at Fel-Pro® went to work on an alternative to using RTV to seal the oil pan. The result? A better way to seal this critical part on select applications.

The Solution: Fel-Pro PermaDryPlus® with SpeedFit™ Technology

Fel-Pro continues its problem-solving tradition with its new PermaDryPlus gaskets with SpeedFit technology. This innovative gasket allows the use of a gasket where RTV is currently the only alternative to re-seal. Installation is a snap, just:

Install It

Auto tech pressing oil pan in case

Torque It

Mechanic installing oil pan on vehicle

Move on to the next job

Trucks on Hoists in auto repair shop

Goes on Clean, Installs in seconds

Installing a Fel-Pro PermaDryPlus gasket with SpeedFit technology rather using RTV is a better way to seal an oil pan. Designed to go on clean and install in seconds, these gaskets are engineered and manufactured specifically for the repair environment to help seal imperfect sealing surfaces.


Replaces RTV

Gasket replaces the RTV that originally sealed the timing cover or oil pan gasket, removing chances of missed spots, leak paths, too little or too much RTV, or smudges during tight installations.

Easier and Faster Install

Using a gasket simplifies the installation process with no waiting for the RTV to set up and cure

Strong and Durable

Rigid carrier construction and silicone sealing beads ensure a long-lasting seal.

Superior Seal

Features application-specific sealing beads help eliminate leak paths, especially in problem corner areas.

Designed for Imperfect Sealing Surfaces

Engineered and manufactured specifically for the repair environment to help seal imperfect sealing surfaces.


Using a Fel-Pro gasket means that you don’t have to worry that the RTV you’re using may not be compatible with the engine oil.

Ease of Removal

For the next service/repair, a gasket is easier to remove than RTV. You won’t spend time cleaning RTV form the parts and won’t have to worry about getting dried RTV particles into other parts.

Fel-Pro PermaDryPlus Gaskets with Speedfit Technology
Part Number Part Type Year - Engine
OS 30953T Upper Oil Pan Gasket Set 2014-2021 GM 5.3L/6.2L
OS 30954T Oil Pan Gasket Set 1997-2020 Honda J Series 3.5L V6

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