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Engine Repair Sealing Technologies

Fel-Pro engineers continuously push ahead with new sealing science. You can be sure Fel-Pro will be first-to-market with new, problem-solving products.


PermaTorque® MLS with LaserWeld™

First developed and validated in partnership with professional stock car racing teams, the LaserWeld™ stopper layer design is now available in Fel-Pro PermaTorque® MLS (multi-layer steel) head gaskets for a broad range of performance and next gen, high-output engines.


PermaTorque MLS

These innovative head gaskets provide the correct design for MLS-equipped vehicles and feature a proprietary coating that accommodates surface finishes up to 60 Ra (360 Rz) and helps achieve a leakproof seal.


PermaTorque SD®

These severe-duty gaskets are engineered for extra strength under punishing conditions and are recommended for RV, fleet, commercial vehicles or towing vehicles.



The most reliable no-retorque designs available on the market today, PermaTorque® head gaskets are significantly better at retaining torque than any other gasket.

Engine Repair Sealing Products

Backed by the leading brand of replacement sealing products for cars, light trucks, and medium- and heavy-duty trucks, Fel-Pro gives technicians the application-specific technologies they need for a reliable seal on any number of engine surfaces.


Head and Conversion Sets

Fel-Pro Head Sets give technicians not only the gaskets the rebuild requires, but the very best technology available. Head Sets are used for upper engine repair only, typically on a valve grind. They can be combined with a Conversion Set (CS) to form a Full Set (FS) for the entire engine.


Head Installation Sets (HIS)

These sets are designed to save money by giving the technician the exact gaskets needed for installing an already reconditioned or fully assembled head. These sets do not include the valve stem and crankshaft seals that aren’t needed, so technicians aren’t forced to buy parts that aren’t required.


Head Bolt Sets

The Fel-Pro catalog offers a complete range of replacement head bolts, including Torque-to-Yield head bolts for many T-T-Y applications.

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