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Subaru Part 3 of 7


When we left off with Part 2 of the Subaru project, Kyle had picked up the assembled longblock from Moore Performance and put it on the engine stand in his garage. For Part 3, we’ll take a look at pictures and notes from his assembly process, and check out what other Fel-Pro gaskets are being used to seal this engine.


The first gaskets we’ll talk about are the intake manifold gaskets, available in Fel-Pro set MS 96523, which includes one pair of both upper and lower intake gaskets (the upper and lower gaskets are not sold separately). The lower “TGV to Head” gaskets, stamped 96523, seal the TGV (Tumble Generator Valve) housings, which sit on top of the cylinder head intake ports and below the intake manifold.

Kyle is running a phenolic spacer between the cylinder heads and TGV housings to minimize heat transfer from the cylinder heads. These spacers require a gasket on both sides, so an extra MS 96523 set was used. The lower gaskets feature a steel core Blue Stripe material which accommodates rougher casting finishes than OE gaskets. While these castings are smooth, this is not always the case in the repair environment. These gaskets also receive a Teflon anti-stick coating that allows clean removal and movement between flanges with different expansion rates or that see different temperatures, preventing gasket damage from scrubbing.

After needing a pry-bar to separate the intake manifold from the heads with the OE gaskets, Kyle was glad to hear about the anti-stick coating. Easy disassembly and quick/minimal cleanup are important to enthusiasts like him because performance engines are generally taken apart more frequently than non-performance engines.

We’d like to point out that the “bottom” set of gaskets has the Blue Stripe side facing up, while the “top” has the stripes facing down – this is because the gaskets can be installed in either direction – the stripes are for identification purposes and do not affect sealing.

Next up are the other gaskets included in the MS 96523 set, the upper or “TGV to Intake” gaskets, stamped with number 96524. These gaskets are similar to the lower set in that they are steel core gaskets with an anti-stick coating, but also feature silicone Printoseal beads for increased compressive stress around ports. Kyle contacted us about these gaskets because our gaskets match the OE gasket shape and port size, but he had Moore Performance port the intake manifold for better flow. Not wanting to create a restriction in the intake, he wanted to know if they could be port matched, as many of our performance intake gaskets can be. We let him know, while these are not part of our Performance line of gaskets, they are similarly constructed and can certainly be port-matched (carefully, we might add). That was all he needed to hear, and he sent us a picture of the result:


We were pleased with the way the port-matched gasket on the bottom turned out, as was Kyle. He suggested that we should consider making an enlarged-bore set of gaskets and add them to our Performance line. We let him know engineering will consider it. If this is something any of you readers would like to see, let us know in the comment section below!

Aside from the intake gaskets, Kyle also installed Fel-Pro valve cover gaskets, part number VS 50620 R. These are PermaDry® molded rubber press-in-place valve cover gaskets. He also finished up the intake manifold by sealing it with a Fel-Pro Throttle Body gasket, part number 61359.


All of these gaskets are available separately, but a Fel-Pro Head Set includes all of these gaskets together in one package (aside from the extra set of lower intake gaskets needed due to the spacers). Kyle used Fel-Pro head set HS 26259 PT because it includes all of the gaskets he needed to seal his engine. We offer extensive coverage for Subaru engines, and you can find out which are right for your engine here.

With these gaskets installed, the engine is sealed up and ready to go! At this time Kyle has put about 1500 miles on the car and confirmed there are no leaks.

In our next Subaru Project blog we’ll have cylinder leakdown test, compression test, and vacuum/boost leak test results as the engine is breaking in. We’ll also have preliminary horsepower and torque figures, so check back soon!

Fel-Pro® Gaskets used on Kyle’s 2005 WRX STi:
HS 26259 PT – PermaTorque® MLS Head Set (fits 2004-2006 Subaru Impreza WRX STi EJ257 engine)

Part numbers of individual gaskets used:
26415 PT – PermaTorque® MLS head gaskets with LaserWeld™ Stopper Layer
MS 96523 – Intake Manifold gasket set (includes upper and lower intake gaskets)
VS 50620 R – PermaDry® Valve Cover gasket set
61359 – Throttle Body gasket

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