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Driveway Defenders

The Leak Stops Here.

If you got a leak, you’ve got a problem. Fix it right the first time with Fel-Pro gaskets. Our gasket technologies, such as PermaDryPlus® and PermaDry®, are specifically designed to ensure a reliable, lasting seal on worn and imperfect surfaces, and keep fluids where they belong - in the car and off your driveway.

Blue shield with center free of leaks, clean concrete
Blue shield with center free of leaks, clean concrete

your best defense against leaks.


The Fel-Pro Difference

Leaks – engine oil, coolant and transmission fluid to name a few – are not only unsightly but can lead to serious problems if not repaired. That’s why Fel-Pro® designs PermaDryPlus® gaskets specifically for the repair environment. Providing a perfect seal on less than perfect surfaces, Fel-Pro PermaDryPlus gaskets feature a proprietary molded rubber design that helps eliminate leak paths and a rigid carrier for superior durability. This application-specific PermaDryPlus technology is found on a variety of Fel-Pro gaskets including intake manifold gaskets, oil pan gaskets, valve cover gaskets and timing cover gaskets. Experience the Fel-Pro Difference and see why professionals trust Fel-Pro gaskets.