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Differential Cover Repair: Why You Should Install Fel-Pro® Gaskets Instead of Using RTV

Inside the Problem

A key part of the drivetrain, the differential cover serves many different purposes. It keeps the differential fluid in the differential and keeps contaminants out, protects the gears and bearings, and provides a way to service the differential. Many vehicles are originally equipped with a differential cover that is sealed with RTV rather than a gasket.

When it’s time to service the differential fluid or do some internal repairs, do you use RTV or install a Fel-Pro® differential cover gasket to seal the job? Using RTV instead of a gasket comes with challenges. Read on to learn about a better way to seal the differential cover by installing a Fel-Pro differential cover gasket.

The Solution

Fel-Pro® Differential Cover Gaskets

Installing a Fel-Pro differential cover gasket rather than using RTV is a better way to seal this type of cover. Fel-Pro differential cover gaskets are engineered and manufactured specifically for the repair environment to help seal imperfect sealing surfaces. Fel-Pro gaskets feature proprietary application-specific technologies for a superior seal.


Advantages of Installing a Fel-Pro Differential Cover Gasket Rather than Using RTV:

Precise Design

Fel-Pro gaskets provide a seal across the entire cover. No need to worry about having enough RTV for the cover and smearing the RTV during tight/difficult installations.


Fel-Pro differential cover gaskets are application-specific. Using a Fel-Pro gasket means you don’t have to keep multiple tubes of different RTVs on hand. Also, you don’t have to worry that the RTV you’re using may not be compatible with differential fluid in the unit.

No Waiting

With the Fel-Pro gasket install, oil can be added immediately after the last bolt is torqued up. No need to wait for RTV to set up and dry before filling the unit.

Ease of Removal

For the next service/repair, a gasket is easier to remove than RTV. You won’t spend time cleaning RTV from the cover, differential and bolts, and you won’t need to worry about getting dried RTV particles into the unit’s bearings. In addition, the cover will be easier to remove, and you won’t damage or bend the cover like RTV will.

Installing a Fel-Pro differential cover gasket is your assurance that you have a reliable seal, which will save time at the next service.

Learn more about Fel-Pro quality gaskets that are specifically designed for the repair environment, find your car part, or find where to buy your auto part today.

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