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Technical Tips

Using Fel-Pro® Exhaust Manifold Fasteners

Important Decision

Exhaust repairs are complex, time-intensive jobs that neither technicians nor customers want to do twice. When replacing an exhaust manifold, exhaust manifold gasket, exhaust flange gasket or broken fastener, the key to a successful repair is using the right parts. Often overlooked, the choice of fasteners and bolts can be the difference between a reliable repair and a job that needs to be redone.

The Right Choice


Exhaust manifold fasteners

Fel-Pro® exhaust manifold fasteners are the right choice to ensure a properly fitting exhaust manifold gasket replacement. Designed for specific applications, you can count on Fel-Pro exhaust manifold fasteners to maintain both the correct torque specs and the manufacturer’s recommended clamp load to ensure a tight, lasting seal. In addition, we also offer exhaust flange fasteners to attach the front pipe to the manifold for a complete repair. Fel-Pro fasteners are designed to be the correct fastener for the application – no more looking for “something that’s close.”


Fel-Pro ES75105 installed on a Ford 4.6L exhaust manifold

The proprietary coating helps protect bolts from corrosion despite the high temperatures and harsh conditions at the manifold. The coating also makes removal easier if future repairs or improvements are required, and reduces the need to use anti-seize products.

Problem-solving features

  • Designed for the exhaust system repair environment
  • Proprietary coating resists corrosion and aids removal
  • Tightly controlled coefficient of friction for reliable installation
  • Application-specific kit contents
  • Includes locking nuts (where applicable)

Fel-Pro Part Number




Exhaust Flange

1968-2007 Acura/Honda/Lexus/Toyota/Isuzu


Exhaust Flange

1990-2007 Ford V6 3.0L, 12 Valve


Exhaust Flange

1997-2006 Ford 4.2L/4.6L/5.4L/ 6.8L


Exhaust Flange

1987-2010 Ford 256/300/302/351W/415/460


Exhaust Manifold

2005-2012 Dodge/Jeep V8  4.7L


Exhaust Manifold

1982-1993 GM V6/V8


Exhaust Manifold

1980-1996 Ford 4.2L/5.0L


Exhaust Manifold

1988-1997 Ford 5.0L/5.8L/6.6L (RH)


Exhaust Manifold

1980-1997 Ford 5.0L/5.8L/6.6L (LH)


Exhaust Flange

1996-2017 Ford 4.6L/5.4L V8; 6.8L


Exhaust Manifold

1991-2002 GM 5.0L/5.7L


Exhaust Manifold

2000-2011 GM V8/Chrysler V6/Saab L6 V8/Isuzu L6 V8/VW V6


Exhaust Manifold

1999-2008 Ford V6

Please click the link on each part number for complete application information; visit for application-specific lookup.

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