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Drivetrain Gaskets

Drivetrain gaskets are taken for granted, and often ignored, but they’re a vital part of vehicle system sealing. They keep fluids where they need to be: lubricating drivetrain internals, not staining the driveway. After all, fluid leaks aren’t just a nuisance; in the worst cases they lead to premature wear and irreparable damage. So drivetrain gaskets should always be replaced when fluids in the drivetrain components are replaced. And Fel-Pro® gaskets are always the right choice.



Fel-Pro® provides the products to not just seal the drivetrain, but to make the job easier. They include:

  • A/T pan gaskets
  • Axle flange gaskets
  • Differential cover gaskets
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The variety of drivetrain sealing solutions requires a variety of materials.

World-class materials and manufacturing expertise provide Fel-Pro® gaskets with the correct design and composition for application-specific sealing. These materials include:

  • Printoseal® sealing beads (for added sealing assurance)
  • Blue Stripe® paper (high-quality, conformable; faster and easier than RTV, but just as reliable)
  • Thin, embossed steel
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TECHNICAL NOTE: Practical innovations like Fel-Pro Bolt Hole-Locks® not only make installations go faster, they make it easier to align gaskets correctly and eliminate the need to use contact adhesive on the transmission pan gasket.

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