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Intake Manifold Gaskets

Most Fel-Pro® Performance intake manifold gaskets are designed without a metal core, to allow engine builders to trim the gasket for exact fit on modified ports. The base gasket material resists coolant, gasoline, alcohol and oil. As needed, Printoseal® elastomeric sealing beads are used to provide the extra sealing strength needed around the port. These gaskets are designed and optimized for true race applications.


solid metal core intake gaskets

These gaskets are the preferred choice for high vacuum applications. The strong steel core prevents movement of the gasket into the intake port. The gasket also has an anti-stick coating to make gasket removal and cleanup easier, while preventing gasket failure due to intake manifold and cylinder head movement. This type of gasket is ideal for circle track racing where restrictor plates are used, as well as for long service life engines such as those in street applications.

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intake manifold gaskets

The base material of these gaskets resist coolant, gasoline, alcohol and oil. As needed, Printoseal elastrometric sealing beads are used to provide extra sealing strength around the port. Plus these gaskets can be trimmed to fit modified ports.

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