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Engine Repair

Head Gaskets

You can be confident that Fel-Pro provides the correct materials, technologies and problem-solving components you need to do the job right in the repair environment. Our application-specific, proprietary technologies include PermaTorque® MLS with LaserWeld™ Stopper Layer technology as well as NextGen coating that compensates for surface finishes as rough as 80 Ra.



Permatorque® MLS Head gaskets with nextgen coating & laserweld™ technology

Our new PermaTorque MLS head gasket with next generation coating helps to accommodate for today's higher temperature engine environment. The precise amount of coating is applied to the head gaskets to compensate for surface finishes as rough as 80 Ra, which creates a reliable seal you can count on. These head gaskets also include LaserWeld™ Stopper Layer technology, multiple layers of full-hard stainless steel and strategically placed sealing beads.


PermaTorque® MLS Head Gaskets with LaserWeld

LaserWeld™ Stopper Layer Technology reduces gasket damage from blow out and helps ensure a stronger combustion seal.

Proprietary Coating seals rougher finshes up to 80 Ra.

Multiple Layers of Full-Hard Stainless Steel that maintains shape and accommodates for head lift.

Strategically Placed Sealing Beads at all vital areas to eliminate leak paths.

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Permatorque MLS

These full-hard multi-layer stainless steel head gaskets provide the correct design for MLS-equipped vehicles and have many unique features that provide for a superior seal, including a unique aftermarket coating that accommodates less-than-perfect surface finishes up to 80 Ra.

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The industry standard for no-retorque head gaskets, they feature solid or perforated steel facings, and precision stamped and formed combustion armors, and are available with the famous Blue Stripe® coating or with Printoseal® elastomeric sealing beads, as the application requires.

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Permatorque SD

Ruggedly engineered, these head gaskets feature an impressive collection of exclusive enhancements that ensure superior performance and longevity under the toughest conditions and keep severe duty vehicles’ (like RV, commercial, and towing vehicles) engines sealed reliably.

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